Designed as an introduction to ballet, basic vocabulary and principles will be introduced to Level I students. There will be an emphasis on technique, poise, rhythm and self- disipline. Principles related to body alignment, muscle control, timing and spatial awareness will be investigated as well.

Class will begin with barre work, introducing external rotation of the legs and alignment of the spine, while executing basic ballet steps. Followed by centerwork, where students will incorporate knowledge gleaned from the barre to movement in the middle of the dance floor.

Students will not proceed to Level II until they have mastered the course work in Level I.


Students in this class should have  successfully completed Level I or comparable course work. This class will continue to work on external rotation and proper placement- with a focus on the upper body and position of the arms. We will move beyond the basics with more complicated barre and center work with an emphasis on weight transfer.

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Students in this class should already possess a strong understanding of proper body placement and port de bras, as well as be in full control of their turnout.  We will learn more advanced vocabulary with an emphasis on strength and stamina.


A student in this class will have had several years ballet experience. This class will work on advanced course work with compound combinations at the barre and in the center. Students will move beyond the technical and investigate artistic and musical expression.


Level V is a course for the advanced dancer who has a strong understanding of ballet technique as well as artisitc expression from the use of well placed port de bras and epaulement.



Timing and rhythm are essential in learning tap.  Students learn to make sounds they never thought were possible with only their feet!  Learning in an a cappella environment enables the dancer to hear exactly how the step should sound.  Often times students demonstrate individually.  Dancers learn to be quick on their feet, enabling them to gain coordination, control, speed, balance, agility and endurance.   A progressive choreographed dance routine is learned weekly.  In Levels II-V students focus on rhythm tap with a major emphasis on musicality. More difficult steps like pull backs, draw backs, maxi ford turns and wings are learned.  As students progress into the highest levels, syncopated steps are learned and become essential in combinations.  Students also begin an exploration of improvisation and begin to develop their own style of movement.



Our combination Ballet & Tap classes are wonderful for the dancer who is just starting out!  This is a great way to get 2 styles of dance with in one hour.  These students learn the basics of Ballet, Tap and Creative Movement.  If your dancer is 3 through 6 this is where she / he will begin.  These classes are offered for students of all ages and will learn 2 dances to perform in our Annual Spring Recital.  Students will only need to purchase one costume. 



Jazz is a very fun, high energy and stylized form of dance.  In this class dancers will learn the basic movement, kicks, leaps and turns that have been derived through the many ears of the development of jazz.  Dancers will also tap into their sassy side and be encouraged to use their funky attitudes from within.  While finding themselves engulfed in the fast paced movement of jazz, students are encouraged and taught to hold and move through their core ballet technique.  Stretching and strengthening are a big part of the jazz class.  Isolation of each body part, traveling and stage presence are also taught.  Dancers are rewarded for taking risks in their movement and we love to see them smile and come out of their shell.


Pre-Jazz is an introduction to Jazz.  Our young students learn how to correctly and safely move their coordinated bodies to the beat of the music.  Standing slow stretches, fast isolations, floor flexibility, and muscle conditioning are all included with the Jazz style of dancing.  A progressive choreographed dance routine is learned weekly.



Hip Hop is a style derived from African dance and encompasses everything from popping and locking to break-dancing, footwork, jumps and ticking.  Hip Hop dance is a balance of letting go and being loose with your body and movements, while at the same time controlling them.  Whether it is fast or slow, Hip Hop is a style of dance that is filled with character, attitude and fun!!


Lyrical is an expressive genre of dance that focuses on control and fluidity of movement.  Heavily focused on ballet technique and terminology, dancers will develop their musicality, advance their performance skills and solidify their ballet/jazz technique.  A complete understanding of ballet technique and the ability to express emotions thru movement is necessary to succeed in this style.




Contemporary dance expands on the technique and movements learned in lyrical class.  Growing over popularity in the last decade the contemporary style aims to push dancers and their movement in new directions.  Experimentation and improvisation often play a large part in creating contemporary movement.  Understanding how your body moves through space,  shifting of weight and momentum, floor work and overall body strength and control all play a critical role in this style of dance.  This class encourages dancers to feel their movement from within and share that feeling thru performance.



Musical Theater incorporates the styles of Broadway Musicals and plays in dance. Often times Jazz technique is used.  Students will learn the history of musical theater as it pertains to dance and will sometimes watch short clips to appreciate stylized musical theater dance and its history.  Students will learn combinations set to songs from musicals and will be often asked to play a character in the dance and/or lip sync. 



Turns & Leaps will help dancers develop the strength, stamina and technique needed to execute precise turns and explosive jumps.  This class will focus on strengthening, stretching and progressive movement across the floor.  Jazz movement and technique will play a huge role in this class.







This class will focus on strengthening, stretching and progressive movement across the floor.  Lyrical movement and technique will play a huge role in this class.




This is a class where children with special needs are dancing with students who are currently enrolled at Holly's Dance.  This is a Lyrical/Ballet/Jazz style class.  A progressive choreographed dance routine is learned weekly and performed in our Annual Christmas Show and Spring Recital.



ZUMBA SCULPT:  This class incorporates Zumba, Yoga and small muscle group isolation's at the Barre and on the floor.  Core strength is key to dance and everyday function.  Join Nicole for this "fun for all ages and levels" class from kids to adults!  This class can either be included in your monthly tuition or pay as you go.

CARDIO BARRE:  Cardio Barre is a ballet inspired workout designed to increase your muscular endurance and also your cardio endurance by offering intense cardio intervals.  Join Karen as she focuses on toning and resistance exercised for your legs,butt, torso and arms to sculpt muscles and elongate the appearance of your body.  This class can either be included in your monthly tuition or pay as you go.


Are you ready to party yourself into shape?  That's exactly what the Zumba program is all about.  Join Lori for an exhilarating effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party that's moving millions of people toward joy and health.


Our adult program has been a big hit these last few years!  These classes are fun, challenging and rewarding.  These classes perform in our annual Christmas Show and each annual Spring Recital.  Please contact us for more information if you are interested. 





Father - Daughter and Mommy & Me classes are a fun addition we have been offering for the past 9 years.  They are a big hit at the Recitals and a great opportunity for the parents to get involved with their child’s dance activities.  Father - Daughter and Mommy & Me classes are available to any student currently enrolled at Holly’s Dance age 6 and up.  There is no charge for these fun filled family classes!! :)  There is no costume fee required.  In years past all costumes have been supplied by the parents and dancers closet :)  If you feel the need to go buy something new, you may certainly do so, however we try to keep this particular costume simple to attain.  All these classes are choreographed and taught by Miss Holly.  They are dances that do not require the parent to have previous dance training.  The parent choreography is catered to the non-dancer and is for FUN!!  Classes are 1 hour each, and generally begin in late April early May.