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If you would like to order a copy of one of our Fabulous Recitals from May 31, 2014 or any Recital from 2013 or 2012, please click on the link below!

It is with great pleasure Holly's Dance welcomes you to this beautiful art form....DANCE. 

At Holly’s Dance we offer students the opportunity to work with experts in the dance industry in a fun and friendly atmosphere. We offer a wide  variety of dance classes and fun exercise classes in our fabulous 12,000 sf facility!  Dancers develop strength, flexibility, coordination, creativity, discipline and self-confidence as well as a lifelong love of the performing arts.  We offer and perform many dance styles including: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary, Pointe, High Kick, Music Together and Zumba©.  We are a VERY family-friendly dance studio and encourage you to watch our dancers develop poise and grace, through our one-way windows, at anytime during any class while you relax in our peek-a-boo rooms. 

We are unique in the dance industry in that we have developed a program where recreational and competitive dancers CAN dance together!  We have the best of both worlds!  Our level II and up dancers can dance recreationally and choose not to compete!!  This has been a wonderful option for many of our students as many dancers are at a very high level of dancing ability, however do not want the added commitment of competing.  Holly's Dance is committed to excellence in dance training and you will recieve this level of excellence when you enroll in any class!  All of our award winning competitive teachers also teach our combined recreational/competitive classes.

For those interested in a more intense training program, Holly’s Dancers have the opportunity to audition for our award and scholarship winning PUSH Competitive Company.  PUSH competes at regional and national levels.  PUSH is for the dedicated dancer who strives for excellence and is willing to commit deeply.  These dancers are offered a variety of additional conventions and performance opportunities within the community.


We look forward to dancing with you!

Photo's Courtesy of Mr. Austen Browne and Miss Carisa Drews :-)

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